Margaret Thorp

Born on 12 June 1892, Margaret Sturge Thorp was a quaker, feminist and pacifist who campaigned against war during WW1 at great cost to herself. She was harassed by the police and government officials and assaulted and abused at rallies by soldiers and others, including one notable incident at the Brisbane School of Arts in Ann Street in July 1917.

Margaret maintained her commitment to the cause in which she believed – lobbying and carrying an anti-militarist message into schools and public arenas when she was allowed. Later in life she campaigned against the Vietnam war and worked to protect Vietnamese orphans. She died in 1978 and was a remarkable and inspiring Australian who seems to be confined to a footnote in our national history.

Mark Cryle

Mark is a musician and historian currently undertaking research into the origins of ANZAC Day. He is a Ph.D student at the University of Queensland where he was formerly the Fryer Librarian.