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For Queensland’s Honour: Queensland expects that every man will do his duty

Queenslanders your country

Guest blogger: Kerry Raymond, Q ANZAC 100 First World War Wikipedian in Residence. As news of the Gallipoli landings and the terrible casualties made its way to Australia, many citizens realised that more men were needed to reinforce the troops at Gallipoli. But how to achieve this? In Brisbane, the Mayor of Brisbane, George Down, convened … Read more

Anzac Day Today

Australian Air Force Officers at the war memorial on Anzac Day in Cairns, Queensland 2014. From 29485 Brian Cassey Anzac Day 2014 Photographs. CC-BY-NC. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

This year marks one hundred years since the first Anzac Day Commemoration was held. Queensland’s Canon David John Garland, known as the ‘architect’ of Anzac Day, created the framework for Anzac Day services, which includes the Anzac Day march, wreath-laying ceremonies, church services, and the one minute’s silence. To mark the centenary of the First … Read more

Memorial Ribbons, ANZAC Day

Child badge 1962

Today we purchase memorial ribbons to support and bring awareness to advocacy and charity groups. In 1916 and for all the years since, Anzac Day ribbons or ‘badges’ were worn for Remembrance. Anzac Day Commemoration Committee Records, 1916-1974 The first ribbons were worn by servicemen in Egypt in 1916. After the evacuation of Gallipoli, battalions were … Read more