QANZAC Volunteers

In 2014 the State Library recruited a crack team of volunteer transcribers to work alongside QANZAC staff. Their mission is to reveal the stories held within the Library’s World War 1 collections.

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Dream job you think? Well they don’t get paid . . . and the work is challenging.

Transcribing diaries, letters and cards, often written in the field, in pencil, in language that is different to that used today, full of abbreviations, mis-spellings, colloquialisms, even made-up words.

Notebooks of Dr David Gifford Croll

David Gifford Croll collection: OM78-70 Item 9

Our team are not military historians or qualified researchers. They are dedicated and pernickety, with a depth of knowledge that comes from three years of hard slog. They offer up their day to help us tell the stories that you can read on this blog or through the Library Catalogue.

Collection of WW1 letters

Maurice Delpratt collection: 28115

To date our ‘gun transcribers’ have – completed over 84 Diaries & Narratives, 2,277 Letters & postcards – researched hundreds of photographs – and contributed to a number of World War One blogs.

With the introduction of the State Library’s new online transcription platform, DigiVol, the team are now applying their depth of knowledge to this digital aid.

This week is National Volunteers Week, so to the current members of the team – Madeline, Judy, Peter, Janet & Michael – take a bow – many, many, thanks.

More work to do . . .

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