Queensland’s Indigenous Light Horse Men

Indigenous Light Horse Men

This week’s commemoration of the Battle of Beersheba highlights the service of men in the Light Horse Brigade.

Since 2014 the State Library of Queensland has been researching Indigenous participants in the First World War and we find that many were selected to serve with Light Horse Regiments.

Several served during the Gallipoli campaign, where they left their mounts behind in Egypt.

Others, and there are many, served in the Middle East in various capacities, but the majority as Troopers.

Skilled in working with horses, and in extreme climates, they were valued members of any troop.

Not all of these men were present at the Battle of Beersheba, in fact many enlisted half-way through 1917 after the rules governing enlistment were changed.

Our list of Queensland Indigenous Light Horse Men is incomplete, but it is worthy to share at this time.

Further reading:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Volunteers for the AIF: the Indigenous response to World War One by Philippa Scarlett, 2015.

Images from The Queenslander Pictorial 1914-1919

Marg Powell  |  QANZAC100 Content Technician  State Library of Queensland