Willie Carrisey #Q21122

Willie Carrisey

Indigenous Australian, Willie CARRISEY, Depot Company

Willie CARRISEY and his brother Thomas were both working as stockmen on Listowel Downs Station, Blackall, when they volunteered to serve in the First World War.

Willie Carrisey enlisted in Charleville 25 July 1917 and was assigned to No.1 Depot Company. He was not accepted for service based on his heritage – his mother Margaret Williams was an Aboriginal woman and his father William Carrisey a South Sea Islander.

Willie returned to work in the Maranoa region, and worked on Langlo Downs Station, near Charleville until he was fatally injured in an accident in 1948.

++ Carrisey is variously spelt Carrissey

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Marg Powell & Des Crump | QANZAC100, State Library of Queensland