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David MOLLOY #2437

David Molloy

Indigenous Australian, David MOLLOY, 11th Light Horse Regiment. Aged just 21, David MOLLOY volunteered to serve with the first AIF in August 1917 and found himself in the company of quite a number of Indigenous servicemen. Molloy was posted to the 20th Reinforcements for the 11th Light Horse Regiment, later known as the ‘Queensland Black … Read more

Frederick MEREDITH #3340

Frederick Meredith

Indigenous Australian, Frederick MEREDITH, 41st Infantry Battalion. Fred MEREDITH, was born in Georgetown, far north Queensland in 1895 to Richard Meredith and Lillian Downs. He was just 22 years old when he volunteered to serve with the first AIF in May 1917. He was first allotted to the Light Horse Training Depot, at Rifle Range … Read more

Edward McGREGOR #65101

Edward McGregor

Indigenous Australian, Edward McGREGOR, 8th Queensland Reinforcements. Edward (Eddie or Ned) McGregor was born in Taroom, Qld. in September 1899, his mother Sarah Serrico was an Aboriginal woman. Edward had been removed from his family in 1904 and taken to the Deebing Creek Aboriginal school (later Purga), near Ipswich. The Superintendent of the Mission gave … Read more

Maurice McLENNAN #2230

Maurice McLennan

Indigenous Australian, Maurice McLENNAN, 5th Pioneer Battalion. It’s not clear why Maurice McLENNAN was in Port Augusta in April 1916, but two days after the first Anzac Day ¬†commemoration was held, he stepped forward to volunteer for the first AIF.¬† Maurice was born near Cloncurry to Alexander Maurice McLennan and Katherine Burkitt, in 1882. Prior … Read more

Leonard LYNCH #2434

Leonard Lynch

Indigenous Australian, Leonard LYNCH, 11th Light Horse Regiment. Trooper Leonard LYNCH was born in Cloncurry, Qld. in 1890 and was a resident of Langlo Crossing, Charleville when he volunteered to join the first AIF in 16 August 1917. When he arrived at Rifle Range camp at Enoggera, he was assigned to the 20th Reinforcements for … Read more

James McBRIDE #2438

James McBride

Indigenous Australian, James McBRIDE, 11th Light Horse Regiment. Trooper James McBRIDE was working as a labourer in Brisbane in September 1917 when he volunteered to serve with the first AIF. Born in Sydney in 1895, he had a close associated with the Woodburn / Swan Bay region in northern New South Wales. He named his … Read more

Frederick MAHER #Q14129

Frederick Maher

Indigenous Australian, Frederick MAHER, Depot Battalion. Frederick MAHER could be described as an enthusiastic volunteer, when he stepped forward for a second time at the recruiting office at Townsville in October 1916. Born in 1893 at Thargomindah to Nellie and Jack Maher, he had been working as a stockman on a property near Ingham, and … Read more