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Frozen cheese and footy

Bert Hinkler and his family Bundaberg Queensland 1928

To be a Queensland soldier on foreign soil meant many different things. For Lieutenant Keith Mackay it meant loneliness and frozen cheese. For future aviator, Bert Hinkler, it was a source of pride, and for Corporal Ernest Mitchell it provided an opportunity to trumpet Queensland achievement. 2015 Q ANZAC 100 fellow, Robert Hogg, has spent … Read more

Redlands Library honours WWI servicemen

Local History and Heritage Librarian, Leonie Swift (formerly Taylor) welcomes guests to the Cleveland Library event on 19 August, 2015.

Guest Blogger: Leonie Swift – Local History and Heritage Librarian, Redland Libraries Over 70 people attended a moving presentation entitled Redlanders and the Great War Wednesday 19 August at Cleveland Library. This project was the culmination of a collaborative effort between U3A, Redland Libraries and the Redland Museum to honour the 100th Anniversary of WWI. It was … Read more

He is remembered

Cyril Burdeu, Mena Camp

Beach Cemetery also known as Hell Spit was used from the day of the landing on Gallipoli and overlooks the southern point of Anzac Cove. It is here that you can find 391 Commonwealth servicemen of the First World War buried or commemorated, including Cyril Burdeu. Mena Camp, Egypt This handsome 6ft Aussie was 22 when … Read more

Volunteer Flying Corps

L-R: Rendle, Cherry, Smith, Snell, Turk, MacLeod

On this day in 1915 a committee was formed to raise funds for the Volunteer Flying Corps. Later known as the Queensland Volunteer Flying Civilians, the VFC was formed by Major Thomas MacLeod and Lieutenant Valdemar Rendle. Six of the Volunteer Flying Corps – V. Rendle, G. Cherry, H. Smith, P. Snell, H. Turk, T. … Read more

Christmas 1914

  Postcard Joseph Lebovic collection, National Museum of Australia In December 1914 our nation was very new to the notion of being at war. Many of those men who enlisted had not yet seen conflict, and they celebrated Christmas in training camps in Australia, on board transport ships, or in desert camps in the shadows of … Read more

The Motherland’s call, September 1914

Parade in Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 1914, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland Neg: 57049

This month one hundred years ago, Queensland’s first quota of troops was mobilising, ready for embarkation. On Saturday afternoon 19th September 1914, a force of over 2000 men – Light Horse, with Colonel Stodart commanding the mounted section, Infantry, under Colonel Lee, Artillery, Army Service, and Army Medical Corps, marched through the streets of Brisbane in a ‘long, impressive column’. … Read more

This week in September 1914


One occurrence which received considerable press in early September 1914 was the dramatic voyage of the German Norddeutscher-Lloyd mail steamer vessel,’Roon’. At sea and bound for Australia, the steamer arrived in Colombo on the 30 July and attracted the attention British ships also at anchor in Colombo Harbour, including the cruiser HMS Swiftsure. Departing Colombo 31 … Read more