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Brisbane Exhibition 1917

Page 21 of the Queenslander Pictorial supplement 25 August 1917

As the Third Battle of Ypres consumed young Queensland soldiers across the dreadful months of August and September 1917, at home in Queensland life went on. In Brisbane, the annual Exhibition marked the calendar in August, and visitors, livestock and produce converged from all over the state. While thousands of people flocked to the Exhibition … Read more

Digitised @SLQ: France’s Day: Souvenir Programme of Demonstration

France's Day July 14th 1917. Souvenir Programme of Demonstration. Cover image. State Library of Queensland. John Oxley Library, Neg. no. 1571641

The “demonstration” held, in honour of France, at Exhibition Hall in Brisbane (on the corner of Gregory Terrace and Bowen Bridge Road) on the evening of July14, 1917, was the culmination of a day of celebrations paying tribute to France’s “magnificent” sacrifice in resisting “the heel of the Prussian tyrant” on behalf of the Allies … Read more