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E.T. Shorley: First World War lyricist and poet digital story

Joy bells are ringing. Words by E. T. Shorley ; music by Helena Miller.

State Library recently commissioned a digital story – 30945 E.T. Shorley: First World War lyricist and poet digital story 2017 – to explore the homefront contribution of central Queensland lyricist and poet E.T. (Ezra Thomas) Shorley, and the play The Optimist, by Rockhampton music teacher and playwright Janet Stevenson, who received a Regional Arts Development Fund grant in 1915 to research … Read more

August in 1914 – an election looms

Caucus manifesto

The election still loomed large in the popular consciousness of Australians as August 1914 drew to a close and the September 5th polling-day approached. The parties cautiously campaigned despite the ‘calamity of war’ and—understandably—used defence as a major point of contention. The war had provided powerful election rhetoric around these issues of defence, but candidates … Read more

This week in 1914

Our electoral duty

It is worth remembering that even though the war permeated everyday life, the world Queenslanders in 1914 did not begin and end with the conflict in Europe.  Momentous and mundane events did not conveniently cease to make room for the war. An already battered Europe was subject to further hardship and suffering with the unexpected … Read more