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Ossie DICK #Q19609

Ossie Dick

Indigenous Australian, Ossie DICK, Light Horse Depot Battalion. Born in 1897 near Roma, QLD, Ossie DICK a horseman, was residing with his sister Eliza Malone on Barambah Aboriginal Mission, now known as Cherbourg when he volunteered to serve with the first AIF. Dick was among 17 Aboriginal men who were recruited during a drive by … Read more

Bismark MITCHELL #19601

Bismark Mitchell

Indigenous Australian, Bismark MITCHELL, Light Horse Depot Regiment. Bismark MITCHELL a farmer from Barambah was born in Mitchell, Qld. in 1898 and was living with his mother Lily Mia Ma Mitchell on Barambah Aboriginal Mission, now known as Cherbourg. Bismark, just 19 years old was among 17 Aboriginal men who were recruited during a drive … Read more

Sunny MOSS #Q19611

Sunny Moss

Indigenous Australian, Sunny MOSS, Light Horse Depot Regiment. Sunny MOSS, a Stockman, was born in Cloyna, Qld in 1898 and had been removed from his family in Coen to the Barambah Aboriginal Mission, now known as Cherbourg, in 1911. Moss was among 17 Aboriginal men who were recruited during a drive by the Queensland Recruiting … Read more

Eric MORGAN #Q23940

Eric Morgan

Indigenous Australian, Eric MORGAN, 6th Reinforcements. Trooper Eric MORGAN, was born in Innisfail in 1899 and was working as a Stockman at Hillgrove Station, near Charters Towers when he enlisted 8 July 1918, just 19 years old. Due to his youth, his father Jack Morgan, was required to sign his enlistment papers, giving his consent … Read more

Charley MORGAN #3679

Charley Morgan

Indigenous Australian, Charley (Charlie) MORGAN, 49th & 25th Infantry Battalions. Charley (Charlie) Morgan was born in Ipswich, Qld. in 1896 to John Morgan and Bella Collins. He and his siblings lived on the Deebing Creek Mission and had been removed in 1908 to be placed at the Yarrabah Mission Station. Charley and his brother Alick … Read more

Jack McALISTER #7745

Jack McAlister

Indigenous Australian, Jack McALISTER, 9th Infantry Battalion. Jack (John) McALISTER was born in Charters Towers in 1894 to Maggie McAlister and was working as a stockman when he volunteered to sever with the first AIF in July 1917. After initial training at Rifle Range Camp, Enoggera he and his fellow recruits, including Tommy Purcell and … Read more

Harry Thomas MARTYN #7262

Harry Thomas Martyn

Indigenous Australian, Harry MARTYN, 15th Infantry Battalion. Private Harry MARTYN and his brother Charles enlisted together, volunteering to serve with the first AIF in February 1916. Born in 1897 to Charles William and Rose Sarah (nee Conlon), Harry was initially assigned to the same reinforcements as Charles, but he embarked from Sydney with the 24th … Read more

Arthur Charles HOMER #115

Arthur Charles Homer

Indigenous Australian, Arthur HOMER, 5th Light Horse Regiment. Trooper Arthur HOMER, was born in Bathurst, NSW in 1889 the son of Thomas Homer and Margaret Mary Mason; he enlisted at Lismore, NSW not long after the declaration of Australia’s involvement in the First World War, in September 1914. With previous service in a Light Horse … Read more