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Brisbane Exhibition 1917

Page 21 of the Queenslander Pictorial supplement 25 August 1917

As the Third Battle of Ypres consumed young Queensland soldiers across the dreadful months of August and September 1917, at home in Queensland life went on. In Brisbane, the annual Exhibition marked the calendar in August, and visitors, livestock and produce converged from all over the state. While thousands of people flocked to the Exhibition … Read more

Indigenous recruits rejected at camp

In May 1917, the Australian Government issued a Military Order (No. 200) which relaxed the Defence Act (1903) provisions around indigenous enlistment. A resounding ‘No’ vote in the 1916 conscription referendum, heavy losses on the Western Front, and a decreasing number of willing recruits, prompted authorities to consider other strategies to fulfill the recruiting quota. … Read more

Digitised@SLQ: Norman Lindsay recruiting pamphlets

? [Question mark] by Norman Lindsay

Artist Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) may be best known for his children’s classic The Magic Pudding, published in 1918, but much of his output during the First World War was propaganda and recruitment posters commissioned by the Australian Government. Among many other creative  pursuits, Lindsay worked as an editorial cartoonist, and maintained a long association with The … Read more

Defend the Empire, defeat the Germans


Queensland newspaper reporting in the first week of March 1915 was persuasively patriotic, with a distinctly anti-German flavour. On the 6 March, The Queenslander reported a patriotic address by the Reverend Allan MacKillop, Moderator of the Queensland Presbyterian Church, in the Warwick Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening 24 February. The Revd MacKillop suggested that while we … Read more