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Red Cross Society in Queensland

Australian Red Cross Society. Queensland Division. Red Cross magazine. Vol. 1, no. 1: December 1915.

The Australian Branch of the British Red Cross Society began on 13 August 1914 at Government House, Melbourne, nine days after the outbreak of the First World War. The Queensland Division was inaugurated just a day later, at a meeting at the Town Hall, Brisbane. Presiding over the meeting was Lady Morgan, and the Mayoress of Brisbane, Mrs. Jenkinson. Queensland’s Governor His Excellency … Read more

Digitised@SLQ: Souvenir programme, patriotic concert. Brisbane Liedertafel

Souvenir programme, patriotic concert : Brisbane Liedertafel : Centennial Hall, Tuesday, Sept., 22nd, 1914.

State Library has recently digitised a concert programme from the First World War: Souvenir programme, patriotic concert : Brisbane Liedertafel : Centennial Hall, Tuesday, Sept., 22nd, 1914. By 1914, the Brisbane Liedertafel was a well-established feature of Queensland’s choral landscape. Formed in 1884, the choir chose its name, which means ‘song table’, to indicate the German custom of men … Read more

Sister Marion Winifred Croll

29854 Marion Winifred Croll Photographs

State Library recently acquired a collection of 180 photographs, taken by Queensland nurse, Marion Winifred ‘Winnie’ Croll, who served in Egypt during the First World War. This collection holds considerable significance for State Library, as Winnie was the wife of a Brisbane doctor David Gifford Croll, whose extensive papers are also held in the John … Read more

Beef, dripping and housewives …

red cross journal detail

It was an odd entry. The Red Cross Journal (Queensland division), published in December 1917, helpfully noted wartime shipments from Australia. Amongst the items bound for London were: 18,000lbs of corned beef, 3,686lbs of dripping, 818 newspapers and 321 housewives. What the housewives were doing amongst the jelly crystals, bedsocks and carbolic soap the article … Read more

Volunteer nurses – helpful or dangerous?


This week in 1915, the Townsville Daily Bulletin published an interesting article outlining the controversy surrounding a strong resolution sent by the National Council of Trained Nurses to the War Office in London. The Council expressed its “unqualified disapproval of the present organisation of the nursing of the sick and wounded soldiers in military auxiliary hospitals at home and … Read more

Kit bags wanted

Brisbane Courier 18 December 2014

On this day in 1914, in the Brisbane Courier – http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article20003019 In September 1914, the Defence Minister revealed that extra kit bags were required for the troops, for use during the voyage overseas. The regulation bag, with which they were issued, containing the items required for service in the field, would be stored in the … Read more