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First of thousands

In 1937 The Queenslander Annual described Queen’s Park as ‘An emerald setting liberally studded with multi-coloured flowers, Nature’s glowing gems (1st November 1937, p.38)’. In the foreground is the state’s first Boer War trophy, and behind it stands Australia’s first Great War trophy. The Courier Mail described the former as Victorian junk when, in March 1948, it was removed to the Queensland Museum.

Guest blogger: Mark Clayton.  Having escaped the combined grant-funded attentions of historians, archivists, librarians, conservators, academics and curators, Queensland’s (and Australia’s) first Great War trophy faces the prospect of another one hundred years of service as a garden ornament. During and immediately after the 1914 – 1918 war thousands of captured enemy cannons, mortars, machine … Read more

Digitised@SLQ – Premier T.J. Ryan policy speech 18th February 1918

Policy speech 18th February, 1918

State Library recently digitised the 1918 Policy Speech of Thomas Joseph Ryan, Premier of Queensland from 1915-1919. Mr. Ryan had sailed north to Townsville in the S.S. Bingera for the purpose of delivering the speech in Townsville on the 18th February 1918. An unprecedented number of people greeted his arrival, and after an informal reception … Read more