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Books and time in SLQ

 'Truk canoe, with bananas on board, approaching our ship.’ Akira Matsumura

Siganto Foundation Creative Fellow Marian Crawford, reflects on her time in the library and how this informs her creative work. Alberto Manguel’s book The Library at Night explores the habit of collecting and owning books, aka The Library. He comments ‘Knowledge lies not in the accumulation of texts or information, nor in the object of … Read more

No More Happy Ever After

Blair Athol re-cut

Siganto Foundation Fellow Dr Lyn Ashby is close to completing his project investigating ‘story telling’ in the Australian Library of Art’s collection of artists’ books. Lyn reflects on findings and interpretations of story telling with this concluding post No more happy ever after. Tell me a story. Or I’ll tell you one. Our usual stories … Read more

Rare Book School in Dunedin

Professor James Raven

In the last week of January, Dunedin in New Zealand put on its best weather for the annual Australia/New Zealand Rare Book School. Hosted alternately in Dunedin, Melbourne and Wellington this was the 8th Rare Book School and was held at the University of Otago Library. The Rare Book Schools offer different courses each year … Read more


Twenty four members of the Gold Coast Calligraphers Society visited Level 4 during September to view special collections where calligraphy, illumination and decoration have been used to support printed text. The History and Art of the Book collection, one of the component collections of the Australian Library of Art has fine examples of original illuminations … Read more