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45 Years on: Mervyn Moriarty and the Flying Arts School in Queensland.

Ephemera Flying Arts Inc. Australian Library of Art.

October 2016 will see the opening of a retrospective exhibition of the artwork of Mervyn Moriarty at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts Brisbane. The exhibition will pay tribute to Mervyn Moriarty, founder of the Flying Arts School and the Brisbane Institute of Art. It will feature Moriarty’s works from the sixties to the … Read more

Looking for Queensland: the poetry and magic of ephemeral evidence III

Clyde_River 1

Clyde ‘s journey as the Siganto Foundation Fellow seeking ‘Queensland’ is gathering momentum as the ephemeral evidence accumulates. Continuing on, scrutinizing the fragments, the temporary bits and pieces lying along the margins of state, of place, the hypotheses of the here and there… I apologise for the number of watercraft, prewrecks, perhaps even priorsinkings that … Read more

Looking for Queensland: the poetry and magic of ephemeral evidence


Siganto Foundation Fellow Clyde McGill shares his thoughts as he begins a journey seeking to discover the changing elements that define Queensland. The river approach to the Library is my favorite, it seems to fit my Fellowship project, meandering along talking to people, watching the sky, stumbling, picking up stuff, so far 56 fallen mangrove … Read more


Continuing our guest blogs this is the second contribution from our Siganto Foundation Fellow Peter Anderson. When I first began working in the Australian Library of Art’s collection here at the State Library, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d find.  This is particularly the case with ephemera, not least because it is usually material that … Read more