One final little share on the Design Process.

Design definitely doesn’t have to be all about the latest and greatest technology. All of the ideation and design thinking that I have done in my time at the Cooper-Hewitt has always been on paper in the first instance. Even IDEO uses paper in the process!

I’m sharing out below some of my process (scribbles?) and ideation as I worked towards the creation of my Design Tool Kit.

Having mocked up some of the interaction pathways, it was helpful for me to refer back to my initial drawings when working digitally – something that I would encourage you to model and support with your own students!

I know from first hand experience that many students  are unwilling to draw – but it’s important to keep the emphasis at this stage of the process on communication and not on artisan-ship. Failing that, I find that students will  usually choose to draw their ideas rather than write about them!


And finally, here is a very small plug for the new website which is full of awesome design resources for teachers, written by teachers!