Weekly Wrap Up / Making Marks

I’m about to wrap up my first couple of weeks at the APDL. What a crazy/busy/amazing time it has been. I’ve been buried under a mountain of new books (new to me, anyway), welcoming faces and exciting projects and there is nowhere else I would rather be. It’s been so good to start seeing some regular faces down in the lounge too!

One of my other favourite things to see in the lounge at the moment is the paper markers left behind in books, remnants of thoughts from the day before. I like to try and connect the patterns of thoughts and try and imagine what kind of projects the reader would have been working on. It’s a nice little visual reminder that this space is not just a reflection of contemporary design but also of the people that use it too.


To that end, there is another way for you to leave your mark on the design collection – by sending me recommendations of books and magazines that you want to see in the library. We’ll even give you props, in the form of a bright white sticker with your name on the cover. Just like John Challenor here. It’s our little way of immortalizing your name in the design collection forever* and your chance to claim all of the fame and glory of having such amazing taste in books (well done, you good thing!). Email them to me at asiapacificdesignlibrary@slq.qld.gov.au or even let me know next time you pop your head in to the lounge.

This week we also had the first team outing to the AGDA screening of The Start Up Kids. I have such admiration for people with the determination, dedication & belief in their projects that they continue to ideate and iterate in spite of any roadblocks or challenges that could stand in their way.

If, like me, you were feeling pretty inspired by the event and were looking for some more direction, check out The Lean Start Up, The Art of Innovation or Change by Design, all located in our Design Thinking  Section. Personally, I was really inspired by Vimeo founder Zach Klein’s decision to put up stumps in the woods, so I’ve been trawling through Spacecraft 2  for a few ideas on designing my new forest retreat.

Until next week!**
– Chenoa


*Disclaimer: Forever not guaranteed.
** That is, of course, unless I get this tree house built and functional within a week. The statistical likelihood of which is about 1 in 1,215,865.