Mini Designers

Last month the APDL was buzzing with little design thinkers! The APDL held its first workshops for under 8s in the Design Lounge. We had 6 sessions and more than 80 kids attended with their parents and carers. Each workshop, like many of our APDL activities, were an experiment and each one was run slightly differently, to cater for the audience and to test our ideas.

The aim of the workshops was to excite and inspire little designers, but also educate them about place making and community.  We wanted the little designers to build on existing knowledge about community, both on a small and large scale. Children engage with the built environment every day and it’s crucial that they understand and engage with good design from an early age.

While the process of Design Thinking is intrinsic for children, it was important to explain this to the adults and carers. So each workshop went through a process of ‘design thinking’.

Inquire:  The chidren were introduced to the exercise–designing a house for specific landscape i.e. a sugar house in a lolly world, an underwater house, a house in the sky.

Ideate: Brainstorming ideas and solutions for their house in the landscape.

Implement: Building the landscape for their home, then designing their house.

Our little designers and their parents and carers loved the workshops as much as we did…

“Fabulous workshop! Miah enjoyed being able to work with her own creative ideas and then explain them to the designer at the end of the workshop. ‘Awesome’ to be to introduced and work creatively in the Design Lounge.”

“My grandsons went to the design workshop. When I  asked the 8 year old what was the best part, he said ‘ there were lots of best parts’ I liked how the children were given freedom to design whatever their imagination could come up with.”

A highlight for the APDL was asking a group of young designers what they thought of ‘thinking creatively’, a young girl answered ‘not being a perfectionist’ which we just loved! The APDL team are in the process of organisng some future events with the Out of the Box Festival in June, so stay tuned!