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Digitised@SLQ – Imperial and Colonial Acts

Imperial and colonial acts relating to the Pacific Island labour trade, and regulations and instructions for the guidance of Government agents appointed under the Pacific Island labourers act of 1880, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Image No.708270-s0001

Imperial and Colonial Acts Reviewed by Catherine Blanchfield – Queensland Content Coordinator, State Library of Queensland This volume puts together the following Colonial (including Queensland, Victorian et al.) and Imperial (British) legislation and regulations concerning the conditions, employment, treatment and ‘acquisition’ or ‘recruitment’ of’ Pacific Islander people to that date of 1884: • The Pacific Islanders … Read more

Glenlyon House

Glenlyon, a residence in Ashgrove 1931. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Neg  199270

Guest blogger: Kathleen Mary Fallon – John Oxley Library Fellow, State Library of Queensland [This article contains the word ‘Kanaka’, the name used to describe South Sea Islanders who worked in the Sugar Industry.  This name is used today in the local community but it is important to note that some people are still deeply … Read more