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Australian South Sea Islander exhibition coming to the State Library of Queensland

South Sea Islanders cutting cane in the Bundaberg district, ca. 1906. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image APO-032-0001-0018

Australian South Sea Islander history and heritage continues to be an untold story in our wider community.   The State Library of Queensland is proud to announce the development of a new exhibition, Plantation Voices: Contemporary Conversations with Australian South Sea Islanders. The exhibition will open to the public on the 16 February 2019 in the … Read more

Accessing Australian South Sea Islander heritage, just off the Bruce Highway…

APE-024-01-0005 Raff's Sugar Plantation, Morayfield, Queensland, 1874.

Guest blogger:  Stephen Chaddock, Timeline Heritage Not far along the Bruce highway, to the north of Brisbane, the Queensland State Heritage Listed archaeological remains of Morayfield Plantation, after many years in private ownership, are being made available to the public once again as North Harbour Heritage Park Trail. Cane was grown here on a fertile … Read more

Australian South Sea Islander White Gloves Experience – Keeping Our History Alive!

Australian South Sea Islander White Gloves Experience, Sunday 21st October 2018

On Sunday 21 October 2018, 50 people attended the Australian South Sea Islander White Gloves Experience hosted by the State Library of Queensland.  Members of the Brisbane community were joined by people who travelled from Mackay, Joskeleigh, Gladstone, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Tweed Heads.   The last time there was a similar experience was … Read more