Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs join forces to disrupt the blockchain market

Blockchain, the original and leading tech structure which is behind crypto mainstay Bitcoin, has met its match in a newer and simpler tech platform created in collaboration between Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs.

Australian based TrustNote Foundation and Chinese entrepreneurs from the Achain Foundation have teamed up to created TrustNote, a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based distributed ledger.

TrustNote promises to be more accessible and faster to use, unlike blockchain which is traditionally slow and relatively difficult to build on.

TrustNote’s main chain has been running for three months since its launch in January 18, 2018, and its devlopers are expecting the technology to become number one in the blockchain industry.

Business News Australia spoke to Jeff Zhou, the founder of TrustNote, about how his new platform is disrupting the relatively fresh industry.

How will TrustNote solve some of the problems blockchain currently has?

The number one problem faced by today’s public blockchains is scalability. TrustNote combines proof-of-work and DAG based ledger structure all together, to build a more scalable distributed ledger, without compromising on decentralisation or security. Read more

David Simmons – Business News Australia – 15 June 2018