Brisbane startup Conpago partners with SoftBank to introduce robots named Pepper into aged care facilities

Brisbane-based aged care startup Conpago is reducing loneliness within the elderly community using IoT software, a SoftBank robot called Pepper, and a household kettle.

Founded in 2016 as a way to combat social isolation within elderly demographics, Conpago offers tablet-based software that bridges the gap between older generations and modern technology.

The “Conpago Companion” tablet has the core features of a smartphone, optimised in a way that’s intuitive for elderly people to operate. Aged care providers can use the tablet to remotely upload images, share moments and foster conversations to raise morale in aged care facilities.

“We’re passionate about empowering the elderly to be able to digitally engage with their family and community in the ways that the rest of us take for granted,” Conpago co-founder and chief executive Marley Brown tells StartupSmart.

Conpago has now partnered with Japanese software company SoftBank Robotics Corp to introduce a friendly face into aged care facilities across the country.

Meet Pepper the robot. As a robotic assistant optimised to engage with people through conversation and a touch screen, Pepper can recognise faces and facial expressions, and is already used in libraries, banks and stores across the world, as well as aged care facilities in Japan. Read more

Angela Castles – SmartCompany – 8 November 2018