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How a Brisbane-based startup protects global initial coin offerings from hackers

Brisbane-based cyber security company Entersoft has successfully helped launch and protect $US1 billion of initial coin offerings to the world market without a single hack or lost token value. And the security support service for ICOs, which includes anti-phishing and smart contract security, has been operating for just 10 months. Entersoft has since mid-2017 helped more … Read more

A cryptocurrency CEO bragged that he ran off with $50 million — but after a journalist tracked him down in Egypt, he said it was just a joke

A German cryptocurrency startup called Savedroid vanished from the web on Wednesday, leaving behind a “South Park” meme which said: “Aannd it’s gone.” Savedroid’s founder tweeted out a beachside photo not long after, leading investors to believe that he had absconded with their money. Adam Selene, a cryptocurrency journalist, decided to track Savedroid’s founder down … Read more

Afterpay defends itself over underage alcohol buying claims, as ‘buy now, pay later’ platforms face scrutiny

‘Buy now, pay later’ platform Afterpay has been in the spotlight this week over claims minors can use its services despite not having any savings, prompting the company to insist it already has significant checks and balances in place. On Wednesday proxy advisory firm Ownership Matters released a report to clients and obtained by press … Read more


ASX-listed fintech Novatti Group has launched a new bill payment solution for members of Australia’s growing community of Chinese residents, migrants, students and toursist, resulting in its shares surging more than 36% in a day. The platform enables consumers to pay billers registered with the BPAY electronic bill payment system, using funds from their Alipay e-wallet. … Read more

Australian blockchain-driven startup ShareRing just raised $3.8 million

Sharing economy startup ShareRing has closed a $3.8 million capital raising which will be used to build the development team, app development and marketing strategy. The seed round for the platform aggregating share economy services was raised from friend and family investors in six weeks. ShareRing, founded last year by Tim Bos, Rohan Le Page, … Read more