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Built for growth : how builder personality shapes your business, your team, and your ability to win (book)

Authors: Chris Kuenne and John Danner Many factors shape the success or failure of a new business, whether it’s a stand-alone start-up or a new venture inside a larger corporation. But the most important and least understood of these factors is the personality of the builder–the founder or leader’s particular combination of beliefs and preferences … Read more

The startup behind the Bill Gates-backed veggie burger that ‘bleeds’ is part of a transition to animal-free meat — here are the other frontrunners

Erin Brodwin – Business Insider – 20 July 2018 Tasty alternatives to meat aren’t enough for these startups, which are working on burgers, fried chicken, and sushi that verges on the real thing – all without the usual environmental waste or ethical concerns. While some companies pursue creative plant-based recipes for burgers that “bleed,”others are coaxing animal cells into … Read more

‘Virtual Co-Working Spaces’ Are Going to Be Part of the Near-Future’s Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

Danny Forrest – Entrepreneur – 20 July 2018 It’s no secret that the entrepreneurship landscape is changing: In the United States alone, 24 percent of workers work from home, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 report. And the trend is increasing exponentially. Following — potentially leading — that trend are entrepreneurs, who, more than ever, either work from home … Read more

Report finds regional businesses focused on growth and innovation

Cec Busby – Startup Daily – 19 July 2018 Commonwealth Bank’s latest Regional Business Insights report has revealed almost half of Australia’s regional businesses (49 per cent) see the potential for growth. The report canvassed 470 regional businesses about the opportunities and challenges they face and discovered strong markets, growing populations and improved infrastructure is … Read more