How to follow Kmart’s lead and build a troop of your own social media influencers

It’s no secret Kmart fans are competitive bargain hunters, but branding experts say small businesses should take note of the discount department store’s strategy for rallying its Instagram base and transforming enthusiasm into organic advertising content. reports the retailer is powering goodwill towards its newest products by inviting a select group of 20 social media savvy Kmart fans to special preview events several times a year, giving the store’s most passionate shopper base access to new products and hopefully inspiring their Instagram posts.

In a statement to SmartCompany this morning, a Kmart spokesperson confirmed these events happen several times a year, and “we have a lot of fun together as we share the same love of the product”.

The “Kmart Instagrammers” are invited to take photos at the events, however, Kmart told that it does not pay for sponsored content on the social platform, although some users are sent free products.

Kmart has secured a lead in the discount department store wars because of its product mix, store layout, focus on simplicity and low-cost homewares, according to retail experts.

However, it’s the significant reach of its online fan community which has sparked fervor for the brand’s offering. Instagram accounts like @kmartlovers, which has 142,000 followers, focus on finding individual bargains in stores across the country and sharing these with other bargain hunters. Read more

Emma Koehn – Smart Company – 31  Aug 2017