Search for success how small businesses need to speak Google

From calling an Uber, to ordering a pizza, to booking a haircut, multiple tasks are now possible only using your voice.

With the rise of smart speakers like Google (Home) Amazon (Echo) and Apple (HomePod), the way people are searching online is changing rapidly. So how do small businesses ensure their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy meets these emerging trends?

When Collabosaurus founder Jessica Ruhfus visited Brisbane recently, she used voice search.

“I have used it personally when I’m travelling interstate and am not sure what is around me by way of coffee shops, supermarkets, pharmacies – even a tailor when I was in Brisbane,” she says.

“It’s useful and fast, particularly good for bricks and mortar, local businesses. As voice search has significantly improved since I first used it, we thought we’d jump on the opportunity to try it out for our software product.

“We’re predicting that voice search will be used to listen to our podcast, for example, or consume nuggets of educational content, so we want to make sure we’re ready and accessible.”

Sydney-based Collabosaurus, which connects businesses for brand-to-brand collaborations in social media, events and products, overhauled its software earlier this year.

“We made sure to optimise our website content to allow for easy voice search as part of this rebuild.” Read more