Six energy startups that have raised millions in Australia

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien – SmartCompany – 9 July 2018

The public consciousness around climate change has never been more heightened. All over Australia, consumers and businesses are looking for alternative energy sources, and technologies like solar power are no longer niche; they’re real and viable options.

Where there’s innovation, there are startups, and of course there are businesses out there breaking new ground to help individuals and business monitor their energy use and to bring renewable energy to more Australians than ever before.

They’re not going it alone. Some have support from the government’s Clean Energy Innovation Fund, managed by the Clean Energy Finance Corp (CEFC), a $200 million program designed to support the growth of clean energy businesses through investment and funding.

Others have gone down the venture capital funding route, proving their businesses investment-worthy, while others have raised money through initial coin offerings (ICO) or even via crowdfunding.

In New South Wales, the state government has also shown its hand, offering $120,000 in grant funding to Energy Lab, an accelerator and co-working hub for renewable energy startups, in February last year. Read more