Sydney startup Everty is a peer-to-peer charging network for electric cars

While the majority of Back to the Future 2’s flying car and hoverboard vision of our current day is yet to be fulfilled, technology has undoubtedly made some huge strides. Electric cars, for one, have become a household name, as they slowly work their way towards becoming the everyman’s car.

Globally, the electric car industry is expecting significant growth, particularly within Europe and the US, where sales are predicted to double in 2018; France last month announced it will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040.

Australia, however, seems to be less enthusiastic about the technology, with only 0.1 percent of all car sales last year attributed to electric or grid vehicles.

While this stat appears rough on the surface, Everty cofounder Carola Jonas simply sees it as an opportunity for massive growth potential.

“We will see a variety of lower cost vehicles coming to Australia in the next two years. This will give consumers more choice and should accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles as well as the need to charge them. Along with the new cars, we will see more investment into public charging infrastructure,” she believes.

Jumping strides ahead of Australia’s eventual electric car boom is Jonas’ startup Everty, a peer-to-peer charging network for electric cars.

By signing up to the Everty platform, electric car owners are able to offer up their home charging stations to others, providing them a space to park during the day and juicing their ride up for the trip home. Read more

James Ward – Startup Daily – 7 Aug 2017