The power of onlyness : make your wild ideas mighty enough to dent the world (book)

Author: Nilofer Merchant; illustrations by Chioma Ebinama
Most of us long to make a dent in the universe, to leave a world that’s better than the one into which we’re born. Until recently, the only way to pursue this goal was by joining a big company or some other institution and rise in the ranks to have enough power to do so. Meanwhile, the rest of us with new and fresh takes kept getting told our ideas were “too weird” or “too wild.” In this book, Nilofer Merchant offers a new pathway to make those wild ideas reality, and a model of a world in which everyone’s ideas can count. Our onlyness is a spot that only we occupy—a function of our history and experience, visions and hopes. It’s through our onlyness, and the new power of social media, that we connect to others who share our sense of purpose and together bring about remarkable change. Filled with accounts of ordinary people who have exploited the possibilities of this new era, The Power of Onlyness demonstrates how the power of one can be tapped into to enlist the power of many.
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