There’s now a smartwatch version of the Australian earpiece which translates nine languages


  • Designed by the company that made the nine-language earpiece translator.
  • Smartwatch can host multilingual chats with groups of 1000 people.
  • Available to order tomorrow at starting price of $US699.


The Australian startup which launched an earpiece that can instantly translate nine languages now has a smartwatch and a messaging service.

In less than a year since he launched the TranslateOne2One device at a United Nations event in Switzerland, former plumber Danny May has become an unlikely, but extremely busy, advocate for IBM’s AI technology, Watson.

Watson takes 30-second blocks of conversation in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Arabic and returns it to the One2One earpiece coherently in any of those languages.

May began working on the technology five years ago when he struggled to communicate effectively while on a business trip to China.

His startup, Lingmo International, released the $279 earpiece in October last year, even beating Google’s Pixel Bud translation service to the market, with the major advantage over its competitors of using a SIM card to operate independently of a phone.

But by December, feedback proved to May that an earpiece isn’t a good fit for everybody. So here’s another way to chat with someone in nine different languages: Read more

Peter Farquhar – Business Insider Australia – 6 Mar 2018