York Butter Factory launches ‘Web 3.0’ hub to bring Australia into the forefront of next web developments

Melbourne-based coworking space York Butter Factory is hoping to propel Australia as a world-leader in ‘Web 3.0’ technology with the launch of a dedicated advisory and coworking hub.

Called YBF Mesh, the hub’s launch is riding off the meteoric rise of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, which form part of a holistic and decentralised approach towards the next version of the internet, coined Web 3.0.

Blockchain tech forms just one pillar of this concept, and the hub will be bringing in startups and companies working in areas such as cyber security, decentralised publishing, and developers of bold new industry protocol standards, such as the Open Index Protocol.

This shift to more protocol and infrastructure-focused technology is what YBF believes will form the next version of the internet, leaving behind 2017’s focus on web applications and interoperability.

One example of this new approach to web infrastructure is one of YBF Mesh’s founding companies The Decentralised Library of Alexandria, which offers an open-source, decentralised way fort artists and content creators to publish, distribute and sell digital content online.

Speaking to StartupSmart, YBF chief executive Farley Blackman hopes Australian startups will come together under YBF’s roof to start building a “global community” of Web 3.0 developers. YBF will offer an array of services to startups in the hub, and will, in some cases, even form new startups from scratch. Read more

Dominic Powell – Smart Company – 26 Feb 2018