Indigenous Languages Residency 2017

Indigenous Languages Residency 2017

The Indigenous Languages Residency is aimed at language workers and community members who are currently working and/or researching Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and supporting language revival programs in communities.

Participants of the 2017 IL Residency came from Yarrabah, Cairns, Northern Peninsula Area and the Torres Straits and are working on a range of language projects within their community. Some of the projects residents are currently involved in are language song recording projects; developing learning resources for the local school and wider community; and reviving  language in creating a dictionary for the community to learn by.

Language groups represented were the Agwamin /Wamin, Gunganndji, Djabugandji, Yidindji and Saibailgaw Ya – Kala Kawau Ya.

Information gathered by the residents came from the Margaret Lawrie Collection, Tindale maps and collections and other language resources held by the State Library. Roth papers were also very useful in researching the Agwamin /Wamin language groups.

A visit to Queensland State Archives revealed resources that SLQ does not hold including word lists collected by the Police Commission in far North Queensland and some very detailed language maps from the 1800’s.

Residents met SLQ staff and shared stories of where they are from, what they are working on and what they will be taking back to their communities. It was great to be able to spend time with this group and learn how they will be building on and making a difference to the language work they are currently involved with.

Rose Warsow

Indigenous Languages, Project Officer, State Library of Queensland