Love, Lust and Loathing @ SLQ…what a night!

In 2012, The National Year of Reading organised a Reading Hour to take place from 6pm on Saturday the 25th August. Originally designed to encouraged parents to read to their children during that time, SLQ thought ‘why should children have all the fun??’

We decided to hold an adults-only version, inspired by an idea proposed by Anita Heiss to feature readings by prominent local authors on the topic of ‘love, lust and loathing’ – emotions that feature in our relationship during their best and worst periods and which inspire powerful literature.

Love, Lust and Loathing

Love, Lust and Loathing

Three renowned Brisbaneauthors participated in our special, after-hours readings. Krissy Kneen, erotic fiction novelist shared some rather risqué stories from her short stories collection ‘Swallow the Sound.’ She also spoke about the challenges of being an erotic fiction author in the age of ’50 Shades of Grey’.

Veny Armanno discussed the inspiration behind his novel ‘The Dirty Beat’ – his younger days in rock bands and the sad passing of a fellow band member. Sue McPherson read a tale of her love for her grandmother. Facilitator Phoebe Hart encouraged open and honest questions from the audience who wanted to know more about how our authors find their inspiration when producing highly emotional writing.

As part of the night, guests were also  encouraged to donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and bid in a silent auction to win a date with Anita Heiss! All in all, the night raised $365 for the Foundation so a big thank you to everyone who came along and showed their support. 

It was love at it’s best – lust at its most interesting and loathing like you wouldn’t believe!

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