kuril dhagun is transforming again


We have commenced the install of our next exhibition, Renewed by Gumbi Crew!

The Gumbi Gunyah Women’s crew have been busy creating beautiful handmade garments, textiles, jewellery, house hold items and canvases for the exhibition. The art works are made from recycled and found materials, natural and synthetic, paintings in acrylic on canvas, jewellery created with beads, echidna quills and other natural seeds gathered from the bush.

The Gumbi Gunyah Women and Children’s Wellbeing Centre of Woorabinda is run by the Australian Red Cross team. The Red Cross centre at Milton kindly donated us mannequins for the exhibition. We drove over and collected the mannequins in our unofficial kuril dhagun mannequin transport vehicle!

blog pic

When we returned, we unpacked the unofficial kuril dhagun mannequin transport vehicle (pictured) and dressed the mannequins immediately! We were excited to see the clothes on and placed the mannequins at the entry of kuril dhagun.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the amazing fashion that will be showcased in the exhibition! Featuring NAIDOC by Cindy Hill, Gone Fishing by Cindy Hill, Tye Dye by Rhonda Hill and Jeans by Rhonda Hill. blog pic 2

Renewed by Gumbi Crew opens on Saturday 13th June and will be open until Sunday 4th October. Be sure to come into kuril dhagun and see the intricate works produced by the Gumbi Gunyah Women’s group! The exhibition is full of handmade treasures all the way from Woorabinda. Don’t miss out!

– Elisa (Exhibition Officer)