State Library at Yugambeh Mobo

State Library staff traveled to the Gold Coast over the weekend to take part in the Yugambeh Mobo. Mobo means ‘tomorrow’ in Yugambeh language. The one day festival aims to unite the community through cultural pride from the past to our tomorrow. Yugambeh Mobo promotes Aboriginal culture, concepts and values that are part of the South East Queensland story.

Kuril dhagun set up our Pop Up Library for the very first time. Kuril’s Pop up Library is a mobile resource kit that we created especially for community events and festivals. We have Indigenous books, promotional materials, information and craft activities.




I also held some Digital Art workshops with children. We learnt about animal totems from a Yugembeh exhibition and each child chose an animal totem to create a story. It was a really fun day and everyone finished a cartoon scene created in the Toontastic app. We also played with some augmented reality activity sheets and everyone was excited to see their drawings come to life.


If you would like kuril’s PopUp library at your next event or a digital workshop, please contact