Introducing black&write! Fellowship Winner – Jannali Jones


The black&write! team are excited to introduce Jannali Jones as one of our 2015 Fellowship winners!
Jannali is a Krowathunkoolong woman of the Kurnai nation of Lake Tyres, Victoria. She was born in Adelaide and grew up in Sydney. Her winning novel, ‘My Father’s Shadow’ is a riveting story set in the highland regions of the Blue Mountains. She described her work as a ‘family drama’ about a young girl’s journey to reconcile her past. Our 2015 Fellowship judges praised her piece as a ‘brilliant story’ and a ‘compelling read’.
Jannali is a young, passionate Indigenous woman who has been leaving her imprint on the Australian writing scene. She has a Master of Art in Creative Writing from the University of Technology Sydney. She is currently researching Indigenous literature, specifically in fantasy fiction, at the University of Western Sydney. Her work has also been published in SWAMP, Overland, Southerly, and other literary journals.
When the black&write! team spoke with Jannali to discuss the ideas and process behind her writing, she said, ‘I want my work to connect with people, I hope it could help people in some way’. Jannali was previously selected as an Indigenous writer-in-residence at the Katherine Susannah Pritchard Writer’s Centre. She still participates in a local writers group, who she travelled with to the Blue Mountains; Jannali said it was there that the inspiration for her novel first came to her. Jannali revealed that she always wanted to be a novelist, and that ‘it’s amazing to feel [her] hard work paying off’.
The black&write! team congratulate Jannali on her success. Over the following months our team are working closely with Jannali in the editorial process to further develop her manuscript.

‘My Father’s Shadow’ will be released as her debut novel to be published by Magabala Books.