Croydon Park, [Norman Park and Camp Hill], 1887 (Map of the Week)

State Library of Queensland has an extensive collection of historical maps of Queensland, some of which have been digitised and can be viewed online.

Croydon Park, [Camp Hill / Norman Park], 1887. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Croydon Park, [Camp Hill / Norman Park], 1887. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

This real estate map from 1887 advertises 194 allotments of land for sale at the Croydon Park Estate, which is today part of the Brisbane suburbs of Norman Park and Camp Hill. The allotments were situated on Bennetts Road, Lloyd Street, Watson Street, MacDonald Street and two unnamed lanes (now Wimbledon Street and Garsdale Street).

Prior to the sale extensive publicity was published in Brisbane newspapers.

“Croydon Park is only two minutes’ walk from Omnibus Stand, and in a few months’ time the Coorparoo Railway Station on the Cleveland Railway Line, will be within five minutes’ walk, and 10 minutes’ ride by train will land you in the city.” (The Telegraph, December 2, 1887)

Advertisement, The Telegraph, December 2, 1887

Advertisement, The Telegraph, December 2, 1887

A public auction was held at the ground on the afternoon of December 17, 1887. The Telegraph newspaper reported the results of the sale.

“G.T.Bell reports having held a highly successful sale at Croydon Park, Coorparoo, the property of the Metropolitan Freehold Land and Building Company, Limited, this afternoon. The attendance was very fair, and the bidding at times brisk. He sold seventy-eight allotments, which realised £2070 10s, averaging £26 10s 10d. The balance of the allotments will be held for private sale until a continuation sale is held, which will be early in January.” (Brisbane Courier, December 19, 1887)

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Myles Sinnamon – Engagement Officer, State Library of Queensland