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From conflict-torn Indonesia, Wacol migrant greets Queen Mother

OH24 Migrant Women Oral History, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Image No. OH24-0016-0003r

In the recently digitised collection of Migrant Women Oral History  at State Library is the story of Luberta Goote who migrated from Indonesia, fleeing civil unrest to find safe haven at the Wacol Migrant Camp in Queensland in 1957. She went from fear to happiness that included getting used to celebratory fireworks and even meeting the Queen Mother. … Read more

School spirit – the battle for the Cannon Hill State School swimming pool

Opening of the Cannon Hill State School swimming pool, 9 December 1922. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

August 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Cannon Hill State School. The school was officially opened on 16 August 1915. Surprisingly State Library of Queensland’s photographic collection contains only six historical photographs of the school, and all six proudly feature the school’s swimming pool which was opened in 1922. When you examine newspaper reports around the time … Read more

What ever happened to “The Exhibition Punch”? (1878)

Front page of The Exhibition Punch, 23 August 1878. State Library of Queensland collection

SLQ’s collection contains numerous Queensland newspapers, magazines and other serials. Some of these publications ran for many, many years, while others fizzled out after a short run. A noteworthy example of a short-lived serial from our collection is The Exhibition Punch, which was published to coincide with the Brisbane Exhibition of 1878. The Exhibition Punch … Read more