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Banging the Drumstick: The creative and cultural legacy of the women and migrant workers inside the Peters Ice Cream Factory.

Guest blogger: Tricia King – 2019 Place Making Fellow. Many of us have enjoyed the taste and experience of savoring a Peters Drumstick, a Choc Wedge or have plunged a spoon into a 2L tub of Neapolitan ice cream but few might give thought to the workers who created, designed, manufactured, packed and shipped these … Read more

Queensland places – Proston

Two small collections that have recently gone live on SLQ’s One Search catalogue shed light on the early days of the town of Proston in Queensland’s South Burnett region. Acc 6605 Burns Family Photographs of Proston District  contains 16 images from the 1930s and Acc 6608 Proston Photographs contains some earlier images from 1923-1924. Located approximately … Read more