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Brisbane’s Vietnamese Community Photographs (2005)

Lion dancing at the Phat Da Monastery in Inala during the 30th Anniversary of the Vietnamese refugee settlement in Queensland. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Image 6317-0001-0228

In August 2005, the Vietnamese community commemorated the 30th anniversary of Vietnamese refugee settlement in Queensland. The first group of 326 refugees from Vietnam arrived in Brisbane on 9 August 1975. A number of special events were held to mark this special anniversary, including a cocktail reception hosted by Lord Mayor Campbell Newman at Brisbane’s … Read more

2003 anti-war protest in Brisbane – History in Pictures

Demonstrating dog at the Brisbane anti Iraq War demonstration, February 2003. (In copyright). John Oxley Library of Queensland. Image APU-066-0001-0014

On February 16, 2003, one of Brisbane’s largest mass protests took place when an estimated 100,000 people rallied against a military invasion of Iraq, though police more conservatively assessed only half that number turned out. Two days earlier, 150,000 protesters had marched through the streets of Melbourne. On the same day as the Brisbane demonstration … Read more