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In the summer, when it sizzles – 1940 Queensland heatwave

From the front page of the Brisbane Telegraph newspaper, 25 January 1940

In late January 1940 central and southern Queensland sweltered under an oppressive heatwave, which saw maximum temperatures exceed 46°C, including Winton 47.2°C, Longreach 47.2°C, Eulo 46.7°C and Roma 46.7°C. Brisbane suffered through 9 consecutive days of heat, reaching a record temperature on Australia Day of 43.2°C. On that day it was recorded that 43 people … Read more

‘Inclement’ Wragge : pioneer weather forecaster

Clement Wragge, ca. 1901 State Library of Queensland Negative number: 161210

Clement Lindley Wragge (1852-1922) had an iron constitution and a ‘mop of flaming red hair and explosive temper to match’ according to the Australian Dictionary of Biography.  It goes on to say that he posssessed the ‘adjectival luxuriance of a bullocky’.  He was certainly a colourful character and acquired the nickname ‘Inclement’ Wragge because of his rain … Read more