The Library of the future

As we head into 2017, we’re taking a few moments to gaze into our crystal ball and envision the library of future. Well, actually we don’t have to because at our SLQ Celebrates event last month, we asked you to write down your ideas of what the library of the future might look like. Here’s some of the ideas you shared.

The first common theme was robots and machines!

The library of the future

In the future, libraries will have – teleportation, drones and robots. Or they might be in space.

Many of you wanted libraries floating in the sky.

Hoverboard libraries, libraries in giant balloons and in the clouds

Libraries might be in giant balloons, in the clouds and have floating bookshelves.

If we combine these ideas we might get a hoverboard library in the sky with a science lab and a machine that gives you the book you really want.


A hoverboard library, a science lab and a machine that gives you the book you really want.

Lots of you wanted to bring your pets to the library or play with animals when you visit.


Bring a puppy to the library, visit the pet corner or play with the android hamsters. Is this the library of the future?

Hopefully we will still have some books to read, some ideas to share, spaces to play and learn and…a fish tank.


Still hold real books, fun, create, excitement for kids, energy, fairies and fish tanks. So many good ideas for the library of the future.

Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas for the library of the future.

Do you have an idea to share? Leave us a comment with your library of the future concept.