Picture it, Post it! – A Fun Palace Workshop

For this year’s Fun Palace, Jacinta Sutton, Q ANZAC 100 Project Officer and LYPS Project Officer Thom Browning collaborated to create Picture it, Post it, a creative 30 minute digital collage workshop. Participants aged 7+ will remix curated content from State Library of Queensland’s (SLQ) digitised collection, playfully manipulating positive imagery from postcards sent home by Queensland soldiers during WW1, and use the emerging tech of an interactive PC, the HP Sprout to create a new postcard that they will send home via an app to receive in their mailbox a few days later.

This postcard was made from remixing 4 other digitised WW1 postcards from our collection at SLQ

Participants will use the HP Sprout, seen in SLQ’s Digital Futures exhibition earlier this year, with its interactive dual-screen creative console and giant touch pad that you can use like a digital canvas.

Collage artist Rachael Bartram has been invited to co-facilitate the workshop. Rachael’s work explores collage through shape, texture and colour, underpinned by the contrasting events of both modern history and the world today and she will be helping participants through the artistic process to help create their masterpiece.

The HP Sprout is your canvas to create a work of art like this to send home.

The idea for Picture it, Post it initiated with Jacinta looking for ways to showcase some of SLQ’s Q ANZAC 100 collection content. “In this centenary period of WW1 I thought about ways the Fun Palace audience could interact with our significant Q ANZAC 100 material. The workshop is about having fun using tech to create your new collage postcard from postcards from 100 years ago, and it’s also about exploring the dichotomy that exists between old and new forms of communication, where the meaning remains the same.” Jacinta says.

“Staying in touch with your family and being away from home and homesick are feelings we still experience today but the methods we communicate are different to the Anzacs. Picture it, Post it is a wholly digital experience until the day you reach into your mailbox and the postcard you created has arrived home.”

Create a new collage postcard from digitised postcards Queensland Anzacs sent home in WW1.

The Picture it, Post it workshop gives you the opportunity to engage with past and present notions of family and home, to digitally reuse and remix significant Q ANZAC 100 content, and create contemporary interpretations of this classic form of communication with emerging technology of today.

Free, No bookings required. No experience necessary.
30 minute workshop starting on the half hour from 9:30am-2:30pm
Saturday 7th October

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Jacinta Sutton

Q ANZAC Project Officer

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