Looking for truth, integrity and knowledge? Give up Google and ask a librarian!

Welcome to Library and Information Week 2019, 20-24 May. The theme for this year is truth, integrity and knowledge. So we’re sharing the librarian’s toolbox with you. Learn how to find reliable information without resorting to Google. We’ll show you all the fact finding tools you need and when to use them.

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Library and Information Week 2019

The Librarian’s Toolbox

  1. Australian Bureau of Statistics
    When to use it – Your boss asks you for a report on the demographic makeup of Brisbane
  2. Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials
    When to use it – You spilled water on your library book and you’re wondering how to salvage it before it’s due back
  3. Australian Institute of Health & Welfare
    When to use it – You need the statistics for how many Australians experience a mental illness
  4. AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia
    When to use it – You have to give an Acknowledgement of Country and you need to know the traditional land owners
  5. Australian Dictionary of Biography
    When to use it – You’re trying to settle a debate about who was the first woman in an Australian Parliament
  6. Australian Bureau of Meteorology
    When to use it – You’re questioning the humidity level and want a reliable weather forecast
  7. Design & Art Australia Online
    When to use it – You’ve just discovered Tracey Moffatt and need to know where you can see her work.
  8. NPS MedicineWise
    When to use it – You left the chemist without the consumer information leaflet and you’re worried about the side effects of the new medicine you’re taking.
  9. State Library of Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander word lists
    When to use it – You want to learn some words in an Aboriginal language.
  10. Smart Traveller
    When to use it – You’re planning a trip to Turkey and need to know if it’s safe to travel.
  11. The Screen Guide
    When to use it – You were a fan of the TV drama A Country Practice and you want to know if you can stream it online.
  12. Trove – Music, Sound and Video
    When to use it – You’re looking for a 90s pop album that’s not on Spotify or iTunes

So now we’ve let you in on some of the tricks of the trade you can bypass the fake news and find all the information you need. Celebrate truth, integrity and knowledge this Library & Information Week. Become a DIY librarian or even better, ask us!


Anne Reddacliff

Librarian, Information Services


Library & Information Week – https://www.alia.org.au/liw

State Library of Queensland – https://www.slq.qld.gov.au/

Ask us – https://www.slq.qld.gov.au/plan-my-visit/services/ask-us