Queensland Aboriginals in the 11th Light Horse Regiment

Reveille, 30th September 1931.

While undertaking research into Aboriginal soldiers, I discovered the above article from Reveille. It is one of several sources that identify Aboriginal stockmen being recruited into the Australian Light Horse, particularly the 11th Light Horse Regiment.

11th Light Horse Regiment, 20th Reinforcements

This snippet from the AWM website identifies some of the Aboriginal men sent as part of the 20th Reinforcements for the 11th Light Horse that left Sydney on the ‘Uylsses’, 19th December 1917. AWM records indicate that this group was the only exclusive Aboriginal group created in the AIF – only 4 non-Indigenous men were in the reinforcement group!

The following list identifies the names of the Aboriginal men who served in the 11th LHR as well as their place of residence.

2422 Pte William Bert Brown [Boompa, South Burnett]
2423 Pte Frederick Arthur Burnett [Windsor, Brisbane]
2424 Pte Edward Collins [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2459 Pte Fred Collins [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2458 Pte Samuel Cooper [Maclean, NSW]
2425 Pte Jack Costello [Winton, Western Queensland]
2426 Pte Harry Doyle [Gordonvale, North Queensland]
2428 Pte Frank Fisher [Cherbourg, South Burnett]
2427 Pte Joe Fitzroy [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2429 Pte John Geary [Bundaberg]
2460 Pte John Hall [Bundaberg]
2430 Pte John Johnston, (Died of wounds, 1 June 1918) [Winton, Western Queensland]
2431 Pte Jack Kearns [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2432 Pte John McKenzie Laurie [Durambah, NSW]
2433 Pte James Lingwoodock [Lowmead, via Bundaberg]
2434 Pte Leonard Lynch [Charleville, South-West Queensland]
2438 Pte James McBride [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2437 Pte David Molloy [Cairns, North Queensland]
2435 Pte Frank Morris [Nebo, Central Queensland]
2436 Pte Harry Murray [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2439 Pte William Nicholld [Yarrabah, North Queensland]
2440 Pte Jack Oliffe [Wyandra, South-West Queensland]
2443 Pte Charlie Parkes [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2441 Pte Jack Pollard [Cairns, North Queensland]
2445 Pte Edward Smith [Mitchell, South-West Queensland]
2447 Pte Joe White [Spring Hill, Brisbane]
2448 Pte Leslie Thomas Wogas [Murwillumbah, NSW]

Wedding of Troopers Lingwoodock and Geary, 11th LHR

This photo entitled ‘Servicemens’ wedding at Charlotte Street, Brisbane, 1917′ features two of the Aboriginal troopers at their joint wedding prior to disembarking for the war with the 20th Reinforcements. The grooms are Private James Lingwoodock [Service number 2433, Enlisted 18/07/1917] and Private John ‘Jack’ Geary [Service number 2429, Enlisted 14/08/1917]; the brides are Daisy Roberts and Alice Bond.

History of the Eleventh Light Horse Regiment.

State Library has several items in the collections relating to the 11th Light Horse Regiment and their involvement in WW1 – History of the Eleventh Light Horse Regiment provides the official regimental history of a remarkable group of men.

Des Crump

Indigenous Languages Researcher, Queensland Memory


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