Camera shy ?

Camera Shy

The State Library of Queensland has a number of World War Items that are proving difficult to identify.  One in particular, is quite a puzzler.

The snippet above is from a large mounted photograph  entitled ‘Army group portrait’, that was donated to the library in 1986.

It has been digitised and preserved through the QANZAC 100 : memories for a new generation program, and is available freely to download in high resolution from the State Library catalogue.

The library is seeking assistance in identifying the ‘group’.

Army group portrait

The photograph is annotated on the rear with the following –  ‘possibly regiment which was under the command of … Col. Annand’.

It is dated 15 March 1918, and there are 144 men pictured, but there are very few other clues.

One member of the group in particular was reluctant to have his photograph taken, taking care to make sure his ‘giggle’ hat is pulled right down over his face.

Here are some observations –

  • Not everyone is kitted out with their uniform, so perhaps they are still in the training camp.
  • There are two corporals seated at either end of the front row, holding signal / semaphore flags.
  • They are wearing brass numbers on their caps

State Library does hold a small collection of papers that relate to Frederick Annand, but they have to date been unable to shed any light on the content of the image.

If you can help us identify the image, please add your ideas to the comments, thank you.

Download the large image here ‘7938 Army group portrait 15 Mar 1918’

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Marg Powell  |  QANZAC 100 Content Technician  State Library of Queensland