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Frederick MAHER #Q14129

Frederick Maher

Indigenous Australian, Frederick MAHER, Depot Battalion. Frederick MAHER could be described as an enthusiastic volunteer, when he stepped forward for a second time at the recruiting office at Townsville in October 1916. Born in 1893 at Thargomindah to Nellie and Jack Maher, he had been working as a stockman on a property near Ingham, and … Read more

Frank WOODS #74183

Frank Woods

Indigenous Australian, Frank WOODS, Depot. Frank WOODS was born in Goondiwindi to William (Billy) Woods and Ida Cubby in 1891. Frank and his half-brother Edward Dennison, #74184 together volunteered to serve with the first AIF in December 1916. Frank and Edward, who were both full-blood Aboriginals, named Charles Dennison as their next of kin. The … Read more

Harry SHERIDAN #Q21123

Harry Sheridan

Indigenous Australian, Harry SHERIDAN, Depot. Harry SHERIDAN/SHERRIDAN also known as Henry Alpha was born at Alpha in 1882. Keen to join the first AIF he travelled to Charleville to volunteer his services in July 1917. Aged 36 and an experienced horseman, he would have been a valuable asset to any of the Light Horse Regiments … Read more

George SPOONER #Q19932

George Spooner

Indigenous Australian, George SPOONER, Depot. Born Georgetown in December 1899 to Henry Spooner and Jane Dougherty, George SPOONER did not know of any living relatives when he volunteered to serve with the first AIF in June 1917. Spooner enlisted in Charleville alongside another Indigenous serviceman, George Hill, together they departed via that day’s mail train … Read more

Thomas SAMUELS #Q21513

Thomas Samuels

Australian South Sea Islander / Aboriginal, Thomas SAMUELS, Depot Company. Tommy (Pippie) SAMUELS was part of the South Sea Islander community living around Deeral, north Queensland, when he volunteered to serve with the first AIF in October 1917. Samuels was born in Innisfail in July 1896 to Thomas (Pippie snr) a South Sea Islander and … Read more

Norman SAMUELS #N76008

Norman Samuels

Indigenous Australian, Norman SAMUELS, Depot. There was a good turnout at the recruiting drive held in Singleton, NSW in March 1917, which included the young Norman SAMUELS.  He stated that he had previously been rejected from serving with the AIF due being underage, although no records survive to support this. On his application he also … Read more

Benjamin Manager, 5th Depot Battalion

Benjamin Manager

Indigenous Australian, Benjamin MANAGER (Managai), 5th Depot Battalion. Benjamin James Manager (Managai) was born at Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island in 1897, his mother was Elizabeth “Bessie” Gonzales, a daughter of Fernando Gonzales and Junobin. His father was Benjamin Francis Manager (Managai), a Maori born in Auckland, New Zealand. Just 18 years old, Benjamin volunteered his … Read more